The Mexichim chimenea is hand-made for us in Mexico.

The Mexichim comes with the following credentials:
* Pre-treated with a superior quality sealant during the manufacturing process.
* They are made of thick clay so will not rust and make a mess of your patio. Mexican made chimeneas should not be confused (or compared) with cheap Chinese made chimeneas. Our Mexichims are made from Mexican clay which has a naturally high level of iron and they are fired to very high temperatures.
* They will burn wood, compressed fire logs or charcoal.
* Each one is individually handmade so no two are identical.
* Use it as an outdoor heater, effective insect repellant and a multi-way oven with our accessories (oven, barbecue, smoker and grill).


Treat with a sealant such as Chimseal in the Spring and Autumn. Use a frost-proof jacket if keeping outdoors during the winter.



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